Care and Delivery


Each order is made with care and delivered in a timely manner within a reasonable time frame. Each delivery is aimed to be delivered before 6:00pm, given safe driving conditions and road traffic. 

All recipients are called prior to deliver to confirm a address and time frame. In the case that no one can be present at the time of delivery the flowers may be left in a covered/shaded portion of the home for the arrival of the recipient (or left with a co-worker/receptionist for businesses). Please note that in the colder months, flowers cannot be left outside in low temperatures. 

I have included a section to note if you would prefer that you want to remain anonymous or keep the delivery as a surprise and not call prior to drop off. 

Delivery is available to hospitals and health care facilities and I will make the appropriate changes to the arrangement to follow the facilities guidelines, as fragrance flowers are not allowed in most cases for the consideration of potential allergies. 

Floral Care 

Flower care is simple and effective to keeping your florals lasting as long as possible. 

For your bouquets, once they have arrived home give them a fresh cut on a 45 degree angle and a quarter to half inch up from the bottom. Immediately after the new cut place in a clean vase with clean water. If any leaves are within the water line you'll want to remove them as the will cause bacteria for your florals. 

Once in the vase or if you have received an arrangement you'll want to change the water every two to three days to keep things fresh. A trick to make this easier is to take twine/ribbon and wrap it around the florals (snug but not to tight) and lift them out when replacing the water. This way every stem stays where is was and you can simply untie once the flowers are back in the vase. 

If I have designed your arrangement in chicken wire, simply hold the florals lightly to avoid any from falling out when tipping the water out. Then simply refill with water. Make sure to do it over the sink to avoid a water overflow onto the counter. 

Place your flowers where you'll see them often to enjoy but avoid direct sun and heat as well as drafts.